Wwoof exchange: Edith and Jo.

Edith and Jo are keen gardeners. Together with Charley their efforts made for some significant transformation.  Here are some of the pictures they took during their stay.


Lucy (previous volunteer) and I named Dr Evil after the Zulu legend that God sent the chameleon to the people with the message of eternal life.  He walked so slowly and took so long that the lizard brought the message of death first.  Many Zulu people have the same fear of a chameleon as they have of a snake.


The pictures tell the story.

Jo teaches me to use a sythe. Simanga in the background found a squash while cutting the long grass.

Scythe \Scythe\ (s[imac]th), n. [OE. sithe, AS. s[=i][eth]e,

   sig[eth]e; akin to Icel. sig[eth]r a sickle, LG. segd, seged,
   seed, seid, OHG. segansa sickle, scythe, G. sense scythe, and
   to E. saw a cutting instrument. See Saw.] [Written also
   sithe and sythe.]
   1. An instrument for mowing grass, grain, or the like, by
      hand, composed of a long, curving blade, with a sharp
      edge, made fast to a long handle, called a snath, which is
      bent into a form convenient for use.

            The sharp-edged scythe shears up the spiring grass.

            The scythe of Time mows down.         --Milton.

In preparation for a kitchen garden, Edith and Jo did the follwowing layers. 1) thick layer of well decomposed manure 2) wet cardboard 3) grass and 4) decomposing pine bark.

Late afternon on Sodwana beach. The warmest ocean these two have ever swum in. The ocean is often upto 29 degrees Celsius in summer.


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